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Writer's Block: Educate Me

What subject(s) do you think kids should be taught more about in school? What do you feel gets too much emphasis already?

no one subject gets too much emphasis in my experience. Though I would have loved to be able to have taken more literature classes and more languages, but that's just me.

Writer's Block: ONTD Games Giveaway

Which video game character would you like to have as your real-life BFF? One random response will win a $60 Amazon gift card! [Full contest rules here.] Don't forget to share your favorite gamer moments on at 3 p.m. PST for Free For All Friday (FFAF).

Zeru Jupit, because he pilots giant robotic animals, and his hair always stays fabulous.

Writer's Block: Frozen delights

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Mint Chocolate Chip
If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it, and why?

I would take the person I was interested in at the moment and take them on the best date of both our lives. First we would go to a secluded beach in Australia before dawn to watch the sunrise. Then we spend the majority of the day doing what he wants, lastly before the day ends, we would go a secluded cabin in Tasmania and make sweet, sweet love till the sunsets.

Writer's Block: A sight for sore eyes

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
The most beautiful thing I've ever seen would have to be the road I took on a trip once right after the rain. Everything was covered in dew and the asphalt was dark and glistening.

Writer's Block: An intimate portrait

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would it be called?

The one title that comes to mind is "Nowhere to be, and loving it."
It's hard to pin it down on just one, but I would have to say the Rescuers Down Under, that movie was just great!
What is your favorite Disney movie?

Writer's Block: Daylight Saving Time

What would you do with your time if you had one more hour in the day?
Since I go to sleep at about two in the morning every day, I think I already squeeze enough hours out of the day as it is. Well With an extra hour I could always finish the chapters I'm on, that seems to happen often, I always stop in the middle of a chapter. Maybe If I had that extra hour I could finish the chapter then get ready for bed. Yeah I would like an extra hour, where do I line up to get one of those?

Writer's Block: R.I.P

What do you want done with your body after you die?

Personally I don't care, I'm not using it anymore, so hey go nuts, write weird words on my forehead with a permanent marker if you want, use me for pranks, don't really care. As long as what my family does with my body does not put them is any kind of hard situation I'm okay with it. Heck I might just put in a budget in my will so that they don't get carried away.

Writer's Block: Chatty Cathy

Who do you talk to the most?

Actually I talk to no one in particular more than I talk to anyone, I seem to talk to thin air. It helps me remember things and It helps pass the time.